Cockroach Control

Cockroaches typically become established in homes after being introduced in grocery bags, with laundry or, in some cases, wandering in from outdoors. These are prolific breeders capable of producing thousands of offspring in a year.

Rodents are mammals which are the bacteria carriers. Rodents cause damages to field crops, stored grain and farm equipment each year.To control these rodents we follow different techniques based on your preference which are suitable for you. We take precautions to control the reproduction of Rodents.

Rodent Control

Honey bee Control

We employ a dedicated team of beekeepers, who have years of experience of honey bee nest removal and honey bee control across the Bangalore city. Our team will always try to remove hives carefully and re-house them.

Bed Bugs are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all, whether hygiene plays a role or not. Surekillpcs assuring you 100% bed bug control. We use sprays while killing bedbugs which are completely inactive on humans that mean no harm would be done to your family.

Bed Bug Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are some of the most pestering and bothering pests on account of their being present almost everywhere. Also, mosquitoes are the carriers of many diseases like malaria, dengue and others. We get rid of mosquitoes in the minimum time without any side effects.

The term ‘wood borer’ covers many types of wood boring beetles, But whatever they are called, you’ll want to say goodbye to them.We are providing wood borer control services at low of costs. The pesticides used to kill wood borers are completely safe and eco-friendly.

Wood borer Control

Termite Control

Termites are a group of eusocial insects which are a constant threat to your home.We are assuring you 100% Termites control as we are using some high technical Competence and also advance equipment.

Although most common spiders at home are not really harmful, they can be a nuisance because of their webbing and can induce fear to some people.

Spider Control

Snail Control

Garden snails and slugs are particularly bothersome garden pests. Prevent them from going after your vegetable patch and ornamental plants with low impact approaches to reduce their habitat and control their numbers.

Mantis are general herbivores feeding on a variety of plants, but some species only feed on grasses. Under the right conditions, can have population booms and cause serious crop or pasture damage.

Mantis Control

Earwig Control

Earwigs produce a foul smelling liquid that they use for defense.The most important part of controlling earwigs is eliminating their hiding places.

Mites are a broad category of pests that do a variety of damage. Some mites feed on stored grain and cheese products, while others are biting pests. surekill employee is trained to manage mites.

Mite Control

Flea Control

As your pets come home from a walk or playing outside, so do some unwanted hitchhiking fleas. Our service is designed to rid you and your family of this pest.